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Times, They Are A

Hammer & Wikan, Inc.

Many of you will have Noticed that our Grocery Store Manager, Dave, is no longer with us at Hammer and Wikan Grocery.  Dave and His wife have retired to Arkansas, after 8 years with Hammer and Wikan.  We are all happy for Dave & Sherri, and wish them well in the new life in Arkansas.

What many may not have noticed is that Hammer & Wikan Grocery has a new Store Manager: Todd Hampton.  You will all recognized Todd because he has been serving as the Assistant Grocery Store Manager for past past few years.  With Dave’s departure Todd has been promoted to the position of Store Manager.  I hope you will all join in wish Todd heartfelt congratulations!

As with any business, Hammer & Wikan is constantly responding and adjusting to the changing times and markets.  Through it all we get to work with some of the best people anywhere.  I think you will agree, Hammer and Wikan Grocery does an outstanding job of meeting the needs of our community day in and day out.

We want to thank all of you, our customers, for your faithful patronage.  We appreciate you and your business.

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